Worrying about the future? A 5 minute process for switching focus

biz forwardWhen challenging yourself to grow, when you hear bad news, or while going through a transition, you may find yourself worrying. For example, What if I get fired? What if the meeting goes poorly? What if I run out of money? What if an asteroid hits the planet?

According to the latest research in psychology, what you focus on can grow. If so, then worrying then can create more of what you don’t want. Jean Houston, a great thought leader once said,  “What you appreciate appreciates”. Here’s a trick to refocus your mind in a constructive direction.

Have you ever tried to stop worrying but can’t do it? 

It’s like a puppy chewing on your slipper. If you want the puppy to let it go you have to give her something else to chew on instead. You give her a ball or a bone. But if you try to get the slipper away from your puppy she will fight you for it. It’s the same with your creative mind. Give it another toy by asking a positive version of the same question. For example: What if I keep my job and it gets better than ever? What if my meeting goes excellently? What if I have all the money I need? What if the earth stays safe and habitable for lifetimes to come?

You may think this is a silly exercise but pondering on negative possibilities can also be just as silly. Both are about using your imagination to explore possibilities that don’t yet exist. One is just in a positive direction. Napoleon Hill made an observation in the 1920’s that is becoming more and more verifiable: Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

What you conceive often enough can become a belief, which then can manifest in your life. Therefore you might as well conceive of things you want.

Benefits of doing the What if turnarounds

* you start to feel more at ease

* you enjoy life more

* you are less reactive to change and more proactive

* you are more likely to see opportunities to create these positive outcomes

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