About Us & Frequently Asked Questions


Who do you work with?

We work with…

  • business owners and start ups (e.g. CleanTech, Wellness Tech)
  • people in the experts industry (coaches, speakers, authors, trainers, consultants)
  • team leaders in companies
  • commission based sales people, independents and direct sellers


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What solutions do you offer?

80% of success in sales, leadership and entrepreneurship is mindset. People get lost in worry, negativity and self doubt. They get reactive, lack resilience and often have bad communication skills. We’ve developed a membership program that continually supports people to “get their head back in the game” and communicate in a way that gets results.

In other words, we combine soft skills and sales skills training with a tech platform that has performance analytics, and a variety of formats to appeal to all learning styles. We combine that with accountability to ensure people take action, and gamification to keep them engaged.

Our unique system lets you actually delete bad habits of mind and install good habits of mind by accessing your subconscious mind.  That way the learning sticks and results in high performance activities for the rest of your life.

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What formats do you work in?

Topic areas:

  • performance enhancement
  • change management
  • communication | conflict resolution
  • team leadership
  • innovation
  • presentation skills


  • membership platform providing on-going motivation, learning and analytics
  • audio, video, quizzes, dashboard
  • live and online individual and group coaching
  • live and online training, seminars, speaking
  • coaching and consulting

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Any client case studies?

Yes, just click here.

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What is the background of the people in your company?

Carla Rieger – CEO, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, Author

Carla helps people communicate effectively both 1-to-1 as well as to groups, helping them break through resistance to change and opening theirs minds to positive change. Whether you have to pitch to

She began her career with an innovative team building company in the US the late 80’s. Since then she has spoken to over 1500 groups internationally of up to 4000 people. In 1991 she became the director of The Artistry of Change, a firm that specializes in helping people be innovative, high integrity communicators.

In terms of formal education, Carla has an undergraduate in English, Psychology. She also received extensive training in Marketing and Sales, Creative Writing, Theatre, Hypnotherapy and  Organizational Development. She has certificates in adult education, Educational Kinesiology, fitness, natural healing, negotiation and conflict resolution.

On the artistic side she has performed in dozens of plays and musicals, written seven plays, a screenplay and a novel. Her specialty has been theatrical improvisation and Carla has founded three theatre troupes. In non-fiction she has written five books, over 85 online learning programs, as well as over 100 articles that have appeared in a wide variety of journals.

She has 22 years of research and experience in such diverse areas as:

  • Applied Kinesiology
  • Adult Education and Learning Styles
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming and self hypnosis
  • Change Management
  • Self Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy
  • Drama Therapy, Playback Theatre and Psychodrama
  • Creative Thinking
  • Personality Style Assessments
  • Conflict resolution, Negotiation and Mediation
  • Organizational Development
  • Yoga and Meditation Practice
  • Dozens of Western and Eastern practices to develop human potential


Dave O’Connor – Partner, Speaker, Coach, Author

Dave has helped thousands of people reach higher levels of happiness, fulfillment and professional accomplishment. He teaches students from a holistic perspective, encouraging them to engage their mind and body to propel far beyond their self-perceived boundaries.

Dave revels in helping people achieve the life they dream for. As a master of the network marketing world his skill set includes: neuro linguistic programming, clinical hypnotherapy, and the psychology of attention. Dave is also a clinical nutritionist and enjoys weight training, mediation, and the martial arts.


Naomi Cox – Online Business Managernaomi-cox

Naomi brings a wealth of resources to all our behind-the-scenes online courses and internet strategies. She also does customer services, troubleshooting, admin and keeps us smiling even when we hit tech glitches.



Stephanie Sharp – Financial & Fundraising Advisor

Steph has a passion for empowering non-financial leaders with financial acumen. This has led to the extensive research and development of Neurofinance tools, allowing leaders to better understand and grow their businesses. Since 2004, she has trained over 300 executives, directors, and business owners, becoming the catalyst for their significant career and business advancement.

Lorraine McGregor – Marketing and Business Development Advisor

Lorraine McGregor is the founder and a partner in Spirit West Management, a firm that has done pioneering work in how to grow a company. By focusing on the business as an interdependent system, they have achieved success for more than 100 clients since 1990. Lorraine looks at the business levers that need fine tuning, improving processes, exchange and strategy so the company achieves its goals. She’s worked in a wide variety of sectors including CleanTech, Construction and FinTech.

Tom Antion – Digital Marketing Advisor

Tom Antion is an internationally acclaimed expert in Digital, Internet Marketing for small business. He is a full time professional speaker who has been featured on major news media worldwide including the Canadian Broadcast Network, The Australian Broadcast Network, Associated Press, The Tokyo Today Show and hundreds of radio, television and print outlets across the United States.


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Why was Artistry of Change created?

After years of surveying and interviewing change leaders and visionary business owners we noticed that those with training in the arts seemed to be better at manifesting their visions in the real world. Because at its core, the creative process and the change process are one and the same.

Thus, the Artistry of Change was born. That is why we focuses on bringing secrets from the world of the arts into leadership, entrepreneurship and sales, as those are high pressure where performance management is crucial.

Our work has been featured on radio, TV and in magazines. As frequent presenters before all types of groups internationally, we help people reprogram themselves for success and communicate their message with integrity, authenticity and creativity.

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What makes your offerings different than others?

  • We deal with issues at core subconscious levels versus only at the conscious level for lasting results
  • We use leading-edge technology and processes, and we’re always researching and testing
  • We have an engaging delivery style versus a dry and boring one (we’re humorists and storytellers)
  • We offer practical solutions that last, versus ungrounded concepts that don’t stick

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What does Artistry of Change mean?

Sounds flakey, doesn’t it? What is an artist of change? Companies, organizations and governments need innovative thinkers who can constantly learn, unlearn, then relearn something new. There is a growing movement all over the world of people needing to enhance their creative capacity to solve the complex problems of the world we now face. Old solutions become obsolete as our world changes at an exponential rate, and so we must innovate on a dime.

We are now in an age ruled by artistry, empathy and emotion. Many school systems from decades past tended to invalidate creative abilities, so the work world today is filled with people who don’t remember how to be creative.

The Artistry of Change® model awakens natural creativity, emotional intelligence and communication skills quickly. These processes show you the steps necessary to bring your best self to serve others. This is an innovative approach that blends the best of diverse fields such as business, arts, self hypnosis, neuroscience and communication skills. Witness how those fields are merging in exciting new ways and allowing people to become the artists of their lives..manifesting the fulfillment, income, and ability to make a difference that they seek.

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What is your guarantee?

You will receive:

  • clear communication about all aspects of doing business together
  • respect and appreciation
  • a full money back guarantee on products bought within the first 30 days
  • a full refund on coaching up to 48 hours before the first coaching session


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Do you have a referral program?

Yes, you can be an affiliate or joint venture partner on all our products and services. Please contact us for more information. Carla at CarlaRieger.com

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