Success Is All In the Mind

1384557492680_positive-mindsetSuccessful businessmen, champion sportsmen, rising entrepreneurs—what do they have in common? A simple answer: they all believed they can do it, and that they can succeed. It is having that certainty that they will close the deal, or hit the ball, or start a new trend that made them what they are today. That is the certainty that they have developed in their heads and is the fuel that gave them the drive to succeed in their respective fields.

One enemy of success? Doubt. It is in doubt that a person questions everything he believes in and starts a disbelief in himself as well. This is how a person slowly descends into failure; because when no one else believes (not even himself) that he can, then all there is to go is down. When anxiety kicks in and you start to not believe in your own abilities, or feel pressured and weighed down people who keep saying distasteful things, learn to shake it all off. Believe in your potential and bring back your old self.

And if you’re in need of some help, here are some tips to get you back on your feet.

• Positivity goes a long way!
Believe that you can, and believe that things will go your way. Both are basically adjacent, so believe in one and the other will surely turn up as well.

• Armor yourself with trust.
You have always had it in you, and you know how the game goes. Know in yourself that everything inside you is made for what you are doing. Trust you mind and trust yourself.

• Don’t overthink.
Never psyche yourself out right before the big moment. Stop thinking of all the bad scenarios that could possibly happen and stick to the plan at hand. Let your body and mind flow through the routine, even if it gets off-track a few times.

• Keep your eyes on the prize.
Success is the name of the game. Make sure to not take your eyes off it. Focus at the task given and give it your best effort. Don’t mind the little distractions and hold your mindset together!

• Do it on repeat… in your head.
It’s not overthinking if you are simply repeating what you have to say or do in a constant loop inside your mind. This is one way of keeping focus, so polish everything before it even leaves your body. “Perfect practice makes perfect” so they say.