Communication: All in Perspective

1386905893769_communicating-onlineThe key to achieving anything in this world is through communication. Proper use of it can represent everything that you are—your personality, your attitude towards others and how you present yourself in situations. Miscommunication, on the other hand, is one deadly tool that can break or tear relationships apart and give anyone a bad image of yourself.

So before you say anything or attempt to create any form of communication, make sure to always (this cannot be stressed enough) put yourself in all perspectives. Make sure to never step on anyone’s throat and pay respect to all opinions, of course not without a little debate at it. Because after all, everything that comes out of your mouth will mirror who you are as a person, so make sure you’ve considered every angle that affects what you have to say.

• Communication is always an on-going flow.
When communicating with someone, always remember that everything going on is a constant give and take. It’s not merely with words, but your actions and how you speak them as well. Always present what you have to say purely and sincerely so that same may be given back to you. There is no point in talking at all when everyone is lying at each other’s faces. Give love and reverence to the other and surely expect it go the other way around. Good communication comes from individuals who believe both them and their opinions matter.

• Listen to unmet desires with intent.
It is said that violent approaches come from having unfulfilled needs from the person talking. If he is stating a problem with such rigor, it can only mean that he believes it to be very important for him and that it along with him must be satisfied. Listen carefully and with intent, make him feel that you are there to help him and to give him a hand for whatever problem he may be facing. Once he gets the security of knowing help is on the way, his temper may flare down and proper communication is back again.

• “Try walking in their shoes.”
An old saying, but a very effective mantra when it comes to good communication. Keep in mind how you would react if what you said was told to you in the situation of another. Will it hurt me? Is it sensible, or at least sensitive enough? Will I strip me of options? Ask yourself these so that you may easily know what to say, and not get tangled up. “Walk in their shoes” as the quote says, so do so, put yourself in the perspective of the other and think of how you would react. If it is valid and is considerable, then do so; say it.

Just know that all miscommunication starts with a simple misinterpretation that went horrible bad. So learn what to say, and try to always see through the eyes of another. A world of good communication is a world at peace, after all.