Communication for All Types

1401392969013_communication-problemMost communication problems (if not all), comes from a bad case of misinterpretation. When conversations are stale and filled with moments of doubt and awkwardness, this is definitely the case. This would most likely lead to failure in achieving the initial goals. Often times, this occurs because of the lack of connection between the two parties. If every talk is a make-or-break situation, that disconnect will surely be the “break.” So if much is on the line, make sure that it directs to both of you in a way that all that is said will be favorable for the two of you.

So what can you do to avoid this mishap? Easy enough, it’s learning to adapt. This means transforming into a whole different type of converser when in dire need. Here, the most popular concepts will be discussed, along with how to deal with them respectively. Once mastered, all the intentions set beforehand will have a higher probability of being fulfilled!

There are four of them, and each will be described briefly.

The Innovator

These type of people are lively and naturally sociable. They can interact with everyone they meet, and in varying surroundings at that. Grandeur is what they want, and they always want to make the appearance of looking good in public. But, one thing that comes short for them is attention. They can get too easily distracted, and can be very impatient at times.

To deal with them, you must learn to always look at the big ideas. Don’t spend too much time playing around with the small details, they want things fast, and you better give it to them. Be engaging; make sure that all his attention is focused on you, because once it’s lost, you might have a harder time trying to get it back.

The Supporter

The cool and collected type. They don’t want things that can either make them uncomfortable or that can really stress them out. For them, familiarity is comfort. Take that away, and you just handed yourself your own failure. They are typically happy people, sociable as well; their patience is undoubted and great listeners too.

Treat them as you would to your friend (while not forgetting professionalism, of course). Be as personable as you can, and share your thoughts and experiences. Make them feel secure that way. Avoid being abrasive and harsh, keep it as nice and polite as you possibly can. Once done, you’ve got it in the bag!

The Controller

These are strong and assertive people. They want things done, and they want it now. Some find them bossy and domineering, but try not to take any of it personally, they only want results. They are goal-oriented and much motivated; they want all the good stuff that comes with your words.

When face with these type of people, don’t cower in the corner in fear of being swallowed whole by them. Approach them with confidence and belief that what you are going to say matters. Address all their inquiries fast, and satisfy their hunger. Make them feel the dominance in the whole duration of the talk.

The Thinker

Detailed and on-point. They want good value for their money, so they take everything into account. The boxes in his list are a must to be ticked. There will be a basis for everything he will ask and would extract every piece of information he can possibly get his hands on. They might wear you out, so be prepared to be patient.

Just as stated above, remain patient. You will have to showcase many details in just a simple conversation with them. They will talk a lot, so make sure that you look lively and ready to solve whatever problems they may encounter along the way. They can sense exhaustion, so hide it in the darkest corner of the room.