5 Tips to Get Rid of Artist’s Block

1400094014326_artists-blockYou’ve been through this before – you try to make art but miserably fail because your creative juices are all drained out. You just stare at your blank paper or canvas for hours and hours on end but to no avail, nothing comes out.

As much as I’d like to encourage you to continue on with your art, the following tips are just so absolutely disheartening that they could just actually work!

1.                  Your art should be a mess.

Don’t be afraid to get down and dirty like it’s your first time painting or drawing a monochrome portrait using charcoal pencil. Explore different mediums; go beyond the conventions of pencil, ink, and paint.

2.                  Being too free is a problem.

Yes, being creative does mean that you should be free from whatever you may want to do, but sometimes you are so free that you have too many options to choose from. Try to restraint yourself to a prompt or to a medium and maybe you can build your next masterpiece from there.

3.                  Stop trying.

This may sound very disheartening but, yes, I am telling you to stop trying. Stop trying to sit on your desk and squeeze out every creative idea that you want because it is not going to happen. Instead of confining yourself in your studio as you stare at your blank canvas, why don’t you get out and take a stroll in the park or read some poetry? Maybe then you’ll get your inspiration.

4.                  Be lazy.

Sometimes you just want results upfront. You want yourself to fart out a masterpiece in a zap. That will not happen. Creativity is something that you shouldn’t be forcing out, more so, it is not something that you can command. Most of the times when you have artist’s block, you’re really just impatient and you just can’t wait for your creative juices to naturally kick in. So, be lazy and enjoy your artistic dormancy because sooner or later, creativity will definitely sprout up.