Starting Your Day with a Winning Mindset

1399399033458_planning-your-dayOne thing that separates the most successful people from the mediocre is that the former know exactly what to do as they wake up. They have such a heightened sense of awareness that they no longer have to scramble for their stuff when they wake up, precisely because they can’t get wait to start their day and deal with all the challenges it presents. If you truly want to make the most out of the day, you should start with time management. Time is valuable and crucial, and have everything to do with your success. It’s therefore important for you to keep these tips in your success mindset.

1.                  Plan everything the night before.

Before going to sleep, you have a clear idea of what the net day will look like. So by all means, use your planner and list your plan of action for the next day. It would be best to divide the next day into three categories: work-related, personal activity, and one for the accomplishment of your long-term goal.

2.                  Leave room for interruptions.

There will always be interruptions and distractions that will stop you from making full use of your time, like having to commute or picking up an unexpected phone call. Not everything will go the way you plan it, so place some sort of cushion by leaving time allowances.

3.                  Start with the most challenging tasks first.

Run down your list of things you need to do, and start with the most difficult ones. This way, you know that you were able to accomplish something within the day, even if you don’t get to finish everything.

4.                  Time yourself.

How long did you stay on a particular task? If you really want to be fully productive, you might want to use a time-tracking application! This is also helpful if you’re going to use Facebook or Twitter, or play a game in between your tasks, just to be sure that you don’t take too long using them!

5.                  You can’t do it all.

Don’t even think about accomplishing in one day what an average person would do in a week. It’s simply impossible, no matter how good you are. Do yourself a favor, and give yourself a break. If you’ve been productive enough, don’t give yourself such a hard time.

While you are in control over your own time, you can’t reach your dreams by doing nothing towards the pursuit of your goals. Start by time management, and you will surely go  long way!