3 Tips to Transform a Bad Day into a Good One

Have you ever had “one of THOSE days?” You know, where traffic is bad, your computer won’t work, you feel unwell, and then someone with a “bad vibe” monopolizes your time?

Here are 3 tips for turning things around:


  1. Connect with the Inner Observer

See if you can distance yourself from the situation. Imagine you are watching a movie and become an audience member on your life. Sometimes that can help you laugh at the situation, or at least pull you out of a “triggered” state.

2. Ask Yourself “What’s Good About this Situation?”

For example, if you’re stuck in traffic and late for a meeting, you can’t do much to change the situation. By asking yourself “What’s Good About this Situation?” you can sometimes “untrigger” yourself. Just list off anything such as “I get to avoid the small talk at the beginning of the meeting.” “I get more time to listen to my favorite radio show as I wait here in traffic.”

3.  Ask Yourself “If I Were Brilliant at Transforming this Bad Day into a Good Day – What Would I Do That I’m Not Doing Now?”

For example, you might decide it’s time to go home and rest if you’re unwell, or you might think to check a troubleshooting forum for your computer problem.

When you are triggered you don’t think of these things. All 3 of these methods are designed to open up whole brain thinking so you can make intelligent choices rather than just be stuck in a reactive state of mind.


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