Confident Women: 5 Ways to Become One

1403207569874_confident-womanShe gets the attention the moment she enters a room or steps on stage. You know by the way she walks, talks and pleases the crowd that she is self-assured.

Nowadays, impossible standards are set for women all around the world. You can only imagine how easy it is, with a single photograph, for them to get insecure with their looks or their body. It is maddeningly difficult to achieve or even get close to the level of society’s “proper womanhood.” But, the thing is, you don’t have to conform.

Shift your way of thinking and unlock the answer to turn self-doubt into self-confidence.

#1 – Make yourself more than your flaws.

No matter how hard you try or how many products you buy, there will always be something deemed “imperfect” about you. Own up to it. We are humans and our imperfections make us so. Love what you are and what you have, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. Accept the curve of your lips and the flab of your arm, but don’t let your flaws define you. Always remember that you are more than these “ugly features”.

#2 – Show pride in your personal rituals.

It’s important that you feel your best. This may mean having to perform quirky and funny rituals that you made up for yourself. If doing so will make you more comfortable and ease up to really tense situations, then just do it. Take pride and love this side of yourself. After all, you’re doing this for yourself and not for others.

#3 – Love your “me time.”

There is more to life than parties, lunch outs and socializing in general. A confident woman loves her alone time and uses it to find herself fully amidst her busy life and bustling city. Don’t use this time to be sad or to wallow in anxiety and doubts; for you to live up to your full confidence, shower yourself with enough self-love and appraisal to get you through tough times.

#4 – Take in criticism with grace.

Not everyone will always compliment you and give you positive notes. Know that there will be people who will give you foul messages, take your every move wrongly and always debate your ideas. What you must do is take in lightly. Make it so that what they say will not be personal. Accept them and learn from them, grow into a much more mature and independent woman.

#5 – Make your opinions matter.

Don’t just act it, speak it too. Make sure that everything that comes out from your mouth has been well thought out and can make the audience matter. Ask hard-hitting questions and converse intelligently. This is one of the best ways to earn not only the attention, but the respect of the crowd as well.

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