Here’s a Quick Way to Let Go of Regrets

1394732726537_head-with-gearsYou torment yourself about a bad investment. You still feel embarrassed about what you said at a meeting. You still regret how you burned a bridge with someone important. And on and on and on. You wish you could reverse the clock and do it the right way instead.

Regrets can occupy a substantial amount of real estate your mind, making it hard to move on, to be creative and to be fully engaged in life.

A part of your brain called the “orbitofrontal cortex” is active when you are feeling regret. By doing the exercise here you can increase activity in the left pre-frontal cortex. This can raise your level of wisdom, happiness and self forgiveness and thus allow you to get over regrets and move on. And the good news is that it only takes about 10 minutes. For even more powerful results try 10 minutes a day for 30 days.

Change Artists reframe challenges from the past in terms of the benefits—what you learned, how you grew as a person, etc. If you take control of the meaning you give to these challenges you will increase your capacity to thrive exponentially.

On the other hand, if you allow yourself to only see the downside of challenges it makes life much harder. Here’s the process.


Step 1: Download and print several copies of this 1 page handout. Make a list of the benefits of your challenges. Notice how you feel after you do the exercise. It only takes 5-10 minutes. Keep these sheets in a file folder or binder. Review them from time to time. This will help anchor in the learnings and help you find solutions more quickly to present day problems. You can do this handout alone or add in the MP3 for even more powerful results.

Reframe Your Challenges PDF

Step 2: Listen to this 7 minute MP3 – it’s a way to retrain your mind over the long term.  This is a short closed-eye process called “Choice Repatterning”. Try listening for 30 days straight and you will notice the habit of reframing becoming more of a default choice in your life. It is one of the most important mind programs you could ever install in your unconscious. Just right click on the audio player to download it to your MP3 player.

Reframe Your Challenges MP3


Enjoy and let me know how it goes.