Why is Fun at Work So Important?

Here are the Top 6 Reasons I hear about why people believe that their work environment could never be fun or engaging:

1. Our work is very serious

2. There are too many overly serious people who work here

3. The management won’t allow us to have fun

4. We have too much work to do, there is no time for fun

5. If people had fun all hell would break loose

6. The public or customers would think we are not doing our jobs properly

Yet, here are the Top 7 Benefits I hear about why having fun at work is so crucial these days:

1. It is a low cost, easy way to build morale.

It enhances communication and builds social bonds that help people through the tough times.

3. It makes people want to perform well at work and be a contributing member of their team.

4. It re-vitalizes people so they are healthier and have more energy.

5. It opens up creative thinking which helps people be more resourceful with problems.

6. It helps staff build rapport amongst themselves and with clients and customers.

7. It creates a positive atmosphere that makes customers more likely to want to do business with you.