Does being creative make you a happier person?

Neil Slade’s brilliant book “Frontal Lobes Supercharge Book” will change your life for the better….forever.

Neil says that working out your brain creatively makes you a happier person. This idea is no longer just a theory, it is a proven hypothesis in neurology. Neil adds that it helps to know how your brain works, like knowing how a clutch works on a car. That way you can make it work better for you. The brain has three parts or layers:

1. The Reptile brain is the inner core.

2. Mammal brain or limbic system is the next layer.

3. The Primate brain is the outer brain.

The frontal lobes behind the forehead are the most advanced part of your brain. Therefore, it’s useful to know how to switch on the frontal lobes. In this video, Neil shows you one way to do that.