The Ultimate Quest toward Personal Growth: What is Your Purpose?

1398196405986_What-is-your-life-purposeIt’s a question unsettling, frustrating, and elusive to many people: what is your life’s purpose? Others are lucky; they just know what they were born for, and feel that they are being pulled towards a particular calling. Most people, however, don’t have quite the same foresight regarding their personal growth.

The key to uncovering your personal truth, your hidden passion, is in fact already within you. The masterpiece is right underneath you, covered by layers of insecurity and uncertainty. What you need to do to finally understand your deeper essence is to introspect. Dive deeper into you, and quietly but purposefully piece together the pieces of the puzzle to finally realize your purpose.

1. Understand why you need to find your purpose.

Before anything else, you must understand the importance of uncovering your purpose. Ultimately, it will give your life more meaning and flavour. Have you ever woken up, knowing exactly what you have to do, and with an unquenchable thirst for life? Now, that’s how you should live life—with purpose. You can truly make your short stint in this lifetime matter, if you know what you were made for.

2. Have the right attitude when finding your purpose.

Before venturing to find your purpose, you need to equip yourself with the right tools. More than anything, the right tools involve the right conduct. It all starts with welcoming the effort and hard work that finding your purpose will take. It will not be easy and obvious at first, and you will need to spend precious time. You also have to have the right attitude: you need to believe that finding your purpose is possible. Ultimately, finding your purpose will be well worth the wait and effort, as it will positively change your life and shape your destiny.

3. Conquer your inner fears.

As you set out in your journey, fear will overtake you and lead you to doubt yourself. These creeping self-doubt will tell you, among others, that you don’t deserve a purpose and that you will never discover your purpose. What’s important is that you know when it first appears. It operates in ways that you might not even be aware of. After recognizing its presence and studying it, the next step is to have the courage to swing your sword and slay these fears before they rear their ugly heads yet again.

4. Ask the important questions.

After conquering your fears, the next important step is to visualize the kind of life you want for yourself. This can be done by asking important questions. Try this for size: what would a perfect day look like? And if you had all the financial resources, what would you spend your time on? What is it that you love to do?

Having answered these questions, the next huge step is to connect with your childhood self. What brought joy to you as a kid, the activity that led you to lose track of time? That one activity that you had to be dragged away from? Before the practicalities of life were made known to you, what mattered the most to you? This will help you reconnect to yourself, and realize what your real purpose is.