The 5 Laws of Manifestation

Many people have programs in their unconscious that can negatively affect their relationships with money, health, career, people, and life satisfaction. Those programs can ruin your life unless you learn how to reprogram your unconscious.

You have actually reprogrammed yourself many times. Think right now of a bad habit you used to have that no longer affects you. For example, I used to eat a lot sugar and now I don’t. I used to tangent from one low priority activity to another until I developed a habit of prioritizing my day.

Take control of your programs

Just like you can delete and install programs on your computer, you can do the same with your unconscious mind. The trick is to pay attention to what you did to reprogram your habitual behaviour in the past. According to 22 years of experience and research on this topic—here are what I consider to be the top 5 tips for manifesting your goals and visions:

#1 – Focus on what you want. I know this sounds obvious, but most people do the opposite. They want to lose weight but all they think about is their fat belly, or that extra donut they want to have. Think instead of what it would feel like to be slender. Think about foods that support your weight goals. Also, be wary of coaches, counsellors or programs that have you focusing mostly on your problems as that reinforces them.  Remember–what you focus on grows.

#2 – Create goals that excite you. Many people create goals that are reasonable sounding and as such lack passion when they think about them. Positive emotions greatly enhance your ability to manifest. For example, don’t make a goal of earning an extra $1000 this month if what you really want is an extra $5000. It’s like that old saying “Shoot for the stars and if you only hit the moon it’s better than never having left earth at all.”

#3 – Focus your attention daily. Many people create goals once a year then rarely look at them again. You need some kind of daily habit that will ensure you focus your mind on those goals over and over again until they manifest. Most goals take a minimum of 30 days of focused attention to materialize.

#4 – Use your five senses. Most sciences that study the mind confirm that using your imagination to “paint a picture in your mind’s eye” precedes manifestation. Think of the last time you manifested a new place to live, a meal, or a vacation. Chances are you envisioned what you wanted first – seeing it, hearing it, feeling it and maybe even tasting and smelling it. In that way you create a filter for what you then focus on which magnetizes the goal to you. It’s like the phenomenon of choosing the kind of car you want to buy and then suddenly seeing that car everywhere you look.

#5 – Let go of attachment. If you want a goal too desperately it creates a barrier to manifestation. Paradoxically you need to focus on with all your heart and soul and then totally let it go. For example, sales people or romantic suitors who seem desperate never do very well. Treat manifestation as a game. If you can honestly feel that life will still be okay if your goal doesn’t manifest–you are more likely to succeed.


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