Personal Growth: Being Better in Small but Life changing Ways

Some people dream of making major contributions, making a huge difference in other people’s lives, and perhaps even changing the world that they don’t realize that, sometimes, what truly matters are the small things. It’s essentially human instinct to make the world a better place than when you were born into it; I will even go so far as to say that it’s human nature. But the fact is that with that your contributions can be both large and small if we want to. We can help other people with our small choices, and these small choices can pay itself forward and ultimately achieve a greater purpose.  Here are some of the ways by which you can make a difference and contribute to your own personal growth, as advised by people in the Tiny Buddha Facebook page.


1. “Remember there are three poisons: greed, anger, and ignorance.” And it’s easy to fall pretty to one or all three. The solution is to recognize that they exist, and only then can you turn them around into compassion, wisdom, and generosity.


2. “Respect the people around you.” Sometimes we act with a sense of superiority especially around people who we think are lesser than us, such as the waiter in your local diner or the janitor in your workplace. They may earn less than you do, but that doesn’t mean that they’re to be treated with respect.


3. “Be kind to others.” Sounds simple enough, but it is perhaps the most violated principle. A lot of people are consumed by materialism and greed that they forget how important it is to be kind.


4. “Talk to someone that you think might be in distress.” Rather than just leaving them alone in a corner to deal with their problems, go ahead and walk up to that person. Listen to them. It will might spell a huge difference and practically turn their life around.


5. “Simply show up.” Sometimes we do things that we don’t want but are obliged to. Just show up and be physically present, and you will soon find your heart, soul, and mind catch up. Showing up might even be part of a grander plan for you.


6. “Smile.” It might be hard, even impossible, to do. But there’s a secret to smiling: it lifts up your mood, even if you initially only force yourself to do so.


7. “Be more involved in the world.” Are you always caught in the sidelines, content with being an observer? It’s time to be more involved and reach out!