Mapping your way to a more confident YOU

shutterstock_35952613Here are 3 life habits that increase confidence when communicating in business. Doing the opposite can surprisingly lower your confidence. 

 1. Do as you say

Many people have a habit of NOT following through on their promises. It can be as simple as saying you will meet someone at 11 am and then you don’t show up until 11:20 am. Or, you say you will exercise 3 times a week and then you only do it once a week. If there’s a wide gap between what you say you will do and what you actually do, people will end up distrusting you. And worse, you’ll end up distrusting yourself. If you’re not planning on doing something, then it’s better not to promise yourself or anyone else.

2. Speak in your own voice

Some people adopt a form of “corporate speak” to fit in with those around them. That can come off as inauthentic and can distance you from people.  If you truly want to connect with your audience, then speak in your real voice, the one you use when you’re chatting with friends. Ultimately, people are going to respect you for this and will see how genuine you are. 

3. Listen and ask questions

Many people lower their effectiveness and thus their confidence by talking too much. They are so focused on themselves, worrying about what they’re saying, they forget to check in. Even when speaking to a group, pay attention to people’s energy and posture, ask questions, make sure they understand you. In one-to-one conversations ask questions to find out what is important to people. Then, tailor your message so that it will be interesting to them. You will stand out from most business communicators and people will really appreciate you. 


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