Learning Your Communication Style

1389210606862_communicate-Communication is everything. It is present when it comes to your personal life, your social life and even your career. It can be your very best friend or your worst enemy. The only way to know which is which is by learning you own style of communication.

Doing so can be very tricky, but there’s always a place to start. In this case, it’s best to begin by listing down your weaknesses.

Do you not get to the point easily?

Do you sometimes come off as blunt or rude?

Do you talk too much or maybe too little?

Do you give out just enough information for work to be carried out?

Do you only listen to yourself when making drastic decisions?

Ask yourself these now. It’s not impossible to have answered “yes” to one or two of them. Criticize yourself first and get the ugly parts out of the way. This is the first step in knowing your true strengths and utilizing them to their fullest potentials. Second, is getting to know your own style by looking back at times when you converse at your fullest. Here are some great way to help improve your communication.


Get to know your own.

All of us has their own way of communicating, and you have yours too. It’s better to ask a few friends for help on what you usually do when conversing. How do you speak your words and how do you make a stamp you whoever you’re talking to? Communication does a great deal when it comes to first impressions; by knowing how you talk and how you speak, you are bettering your work career.


Fighting your way against the opposite current.

However, there will be times when you have to face someone with a completely opposite style that you do. Whether it is an extremely important person or not, the best way to deal with them is by simply adapting. Tweak a few of what you’re used to and tailor your way of communicating to the other party. This is the best way to do things especially if you’re an uprising business tycoon.


Know what you really want to achieve.

What is it? Response. Simple as that. The point of communicating in the first place is to somehow get a response from those you are talking to. The only way you can get that is by being confident in your own communication style. They will feed off your energy and get the results that you truly need.