How Confidence Can Influence Your Success

1374199581606_mentoring-someoneGoing through a business means opening yourself to fears of all kinds: fear of failing, of making the wrong decisions, of the revenues not being enough, and of things not going according to plan.  The only way you can overcome all these is by building your self-confidence. Confidence may not guarantee your success, but it will equip you with what it takes to have a success mindset.

1.                  Confidence will pull you through the extra mile.

Being confident pushes you to your limit, and beyond. Most people quit just when they’re halfway through. In fact, most people stop by the time they accomplish 90% of the job. With confidence, you have that extra 10% to fully commit to the task and keep going.

2.                  Confidence will help you sort out your expectations.

For sure, you are dealing with expectations on all fronts: what your mentors want from you, what your parents expect you to be, and what you yourself want to do. All these expectations can complicate how you work your way towards your goal. However, if you are confident enough, you will be able to sort out the expectations that align to yours, and set rules that are meaningful to you.

3.                  Confidence leads to better connections.

One important way to succeed in business is by building relationships that matter. You will not be able to get that if you’re shy and reserved. Get over your fear of rejection, talk to people naturally, and you will soon realize how important these relationships are to you as you build your business.

4.    Confidence gives you the ability to trust yourself.

Lack of self-confidence causes us to shirk away from the possibilities, to stay within our comfort zone, and practically do nothing. On the other hand, if you are self-confidence, you can trust yourself enough to go beyond what you are comfortable with and into the great unknown. Having confidence means knowing when to take calculated risks.

5.                  Confidence allows you to say no.

How many times have you said “yes” to someone, when you really meant “no”? Lack of self-confidence has that effect: you will have the courage necessary to step up, put a brave front, and say no when you have to.