Change Your Mind Set – A 5-Minute Process

Mind set is everything. Yet you often think it’s something outside of yourself that is the obstacle, when  it’s often a negative mind set you are holding onto. Take out a blank piece of paper and write the answer to these 3 questions:

1. Name something that you’d truly love to see manifest, but which feels impossible right now.  It could be:

– opening people’s minds to your idea, product or service
– increasing productivity in your department despite budget cuts
– enhancing an aspect of your health, looks or well being
– improving your financial situation
– making the world a better place

2. If you could manifest this outcome, how might it benefit you or others?

3. Keep asking yourself an appropriate version of this question until an answer appears, “If I were exceptional at manifesting this goal I would…”
You will be amazed at the brilliant and practical ideas that come forth. Some ideas will seem like obvious answers. But you had blocked in your “impossible” mindset. The trick right now is to take one small action you could do tomorrow to manifest the goal.

For example, Susan wanted to change her job description so that it included more of the things she was best suited for, and be able to delegate areas of the job that were not well suited for her.  She asked herself,  “if I were exceptional at opening my manager’s mind to the idea of changing my job description, I would…” and here is what she came up with.
I would:
– research people who are doing it in other organizations

– make a list of benefits for my manager, the department, and the organization as a whole

– suggest we do a trial run for six weeks to see how it goes

These are the first steps that Susan took to create the kind of job that made her happier and that served the organization more effectively.

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