3 Talks that can Get You Inspired and Motivated Again

Feeling down and uninspired? Here is a quick way to help turn that around. Pump yourself up with a good dose of inspiration brought to you by people who have gone through a crisis and came out the other side. Hear how they got through and conquered their fears and turned them into motivations to be even better.

Check out these 3 Ted Talk speakers that can help you feel stronger to take on life’s challenges. Even if you’ve seen these talks before, watching them again might bring new insight and renewed inspiration. Consider them as food for the soul.


Jill Bolte Taylor – A Stroke of Insight

1412971795110_Jill-Bolte-TaylorJill is a brain doctor who experienced what it was like to be “the patient” when she herself had a stroke. She came through the other side of this experience with a greater realization of how limited her life had been. Now she is able to achieve a deeper level of peace and expansiveness because of going through a period of time when she lost access to one side of her brain.


Brené Brown – The Power of Vulnerability

Brene BrownBrené Brown’s entertaining and personal talk explores how uncomfortable it can be to express your vulnerability. Not one to bare her soul in the past, she discovered through research and personal experience that hose who dare to be vulnerable are generally happier and have higher self worth.



Rita Pierson – Every Kid Needs a Champion
Rita PiersonRita reminds us that for students to learn, they must be connected to the person they’re learning from. That gives a student a sense of stability and trust that they deserve to learn.  It can be amazing how one very small act of encouragement can help a child be ready for whatever life brings.