3 Easy Ways to Deal with Presentation Anxiety

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1405731649691_dealing-with-anxietyDeadlines and performance pressure can bring on anxiety…like having to give a business presentation or do public speaking.

The good news is that there are now proven ways of dealing with it, that don’t require professional help. They only need a small amount of time and open mindedness.


3 top tips for releasing presentation anxiety:

  1. Play the “What if” Game

List 3 anxieties in  starting with the words “What if…”  For example:

“What if I people don’t like my presentation?”

“What if I don’t get ready in time?”

“What if I can’t remember what to say?”

Do 3 turn arounds starting again with”What if…”  For example:

“What if I people DO like my presentation?”

“What if I DO get ready in time?”

“What if I CAN remember what to say?”

This will get the creative mind chewing on something positive, and then you’ll find the anxiety drifting away.

  1. Trace Your Worry Back to it’s Origin

Use a journal and try tracing the worry back to it’s origin. You’ll often find nothing there. Use “voice dialogue”, whereby you have a conversation with your Higher Self and Lower Self.Often there is a tendency to be angry at the Lower Self for feeling that way. To counteract that, make sure you treat the Lower Self with care and respect; like a scared child that just needs compassion and support. For example:

Higher Self: What are you anxious about?

Lower Self: I’m afraid I’m going to mess up this presentation.

Higher Self: And what most concerns you about doing that?

Lower Self: If I mess it up I could lose credibility and business.

Higher Self: And what most concerns you about that happening?

Lower Self: Then I’ll lose income and respect in amongst my peers.

Higher Self: And what most concerns you about that happening?

Lower Self: Then I’ll go bankrupt and have to live on the streets.

Higher Self: And what most concerns you about that happening?

Lower Self: Then I’ll live a hard life full of regrets for not living up to my potential.

Higher Self: And how likely is that to happen?

Lower SelfNot very. It seems silly now that I think about it.

  1. Assess Level of Importance

People who suffer from anxiety often have a bad habit of “turning mole hills into mountains”, of exaggerating the possible negative outcomes, of catastrophizing. For example, do you find yourself giving too much importance on future tasks and labeling them as “emergencies” when they aren’t? Ask yourself “Will anything that bad happen if I don’t do this now, or don’t do it perfectly?” Chances are the answer is “No”. Often when you do that, the anxiety evaporates into nothingness.

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