1 Minute Habits that Can Change Your Life Forever

shutterstock_161993396Life can be stressful, so I wanted to share with you 3 small habits that vastly lower stress. These have changed my life, and those of thousands of clients—for the better.
Each take around 60 seconds. The trick is to just remember to do them and so I suggest here 3 times of day to do them. If you can make them a habit for 30 days, they will likely go on auto-pilot for the rest of your life.

3 Small Habits that will Change Your Life Forever

 After 22 years of researching how to life a more successful life, I think these are the top 3 small life habits that have made the BIGGEST difference.

 1.    Daily Appreciations (before bedtime)

The human mind will default to focussing on the negative…about yourself, others and life in general.  Yet it’s a universal truth that what you focus on grows…so that will get you more of what you don’t want. The good news is that you can train your brain to focus on the positive and on what you DO want.

Each night before sleep write down 3 things you appreciate.

#1 About yourself (e.g. went for a walk in nature)

#2 About someone else (e.g. Laura for helping me at work)

#3 About a life circumstances (e.g. view of the mountains)

It gives you a better night’s sleep, helps you let go of regrets from the day, and improves life satisfaction and success, because what you focus on grows.

2.    Mentally Rehearse Your Day (first thing in the morning)

Many top achievers use this trick – pro athletes, musicians, actors, sales people, company leaders, etc.  As you wake up, through run your mind the things that are coming up in your day. Instead of worrying about them, imagine them going well. For example:

#1 Imagine calmly and smartly prioritizing your day

#2 Imagine getting ready in time for an important meeting

#2 Imagine a successful conclusion to a prospecting conversation

Intention is very powerful and most of us underutilize this skill. It will greatly increase your chances of having a great day.

3.    Stop to Orient Yourself to the Now (midday)

Around midday, stop for one minute and orient yourself to the present moment. Use your five senses – sight, sound, feelings, touch, smell. For example:

 #1 – I see the sunlight shining on a tree outside

#2 – I feel the floor under my feet

#3 – I smell soup heating up in the kitchen

Most people are racing around lost in their heads. This can fragment the mind and cause disharmony and stress. Getting present like this, even for just 1 minute triggers relaxation hormones and lightens your mood.

Which small habits have changed your life?


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