YouPreneurs Need to be Good a Public Speaking

Small businesses who can’t afford to spend a lot on mainstream advertising often have to rely on other means. One HUGELY effective resource is public speaking. If you’re a “Youpreneur”, meaning you are self-employed, maybe running a home based business, you might want to include public speaking as an integral component of your company’s marketing efforts. Believe it or not, the power of your speech can drive in the revenues that even advertisements can’t pull off!

Before anything else, you’d want to make sure that your public speaking skills are professional and have persuasive effect. Consider skill building in this area, such as through our Presentation Prosperity Program for small business owners.  This will guide you to create the kind of presentation material that will attract ideal customers and clients.

The next step is to actually speak before the public. You might want to volunteer to speak in professional association events, where you will face industry professionals and like-minded business owners. Not only will you hone your public speaking skills in such events, you will also learn a huge deal from your audience.

Your business won’t benefit from your public speaking engagement until you drive in sales. For this reason, you’d want to compile the information of your attendees, so you can contact those who have expressed interest in your business.

Lastly, get the word around about your public speaking engagement. Ask the attendees to invite other people in, send press releases, and keep in touch with your previous attendees. These are only some of the ways for you to keep the audience, and eventually the revenue stream, coming.


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