[1st DAY OF THE MONTH] The Memory Imprint Journal 5 Day Challenge

Core Beliefs

JOIN US for the 5 Day Trial version of the the 30 Day MEMORY IMPRINT JOURNAL Challenge. In this video you’ll get a demonstration of the kinds of things we cover. Here you’ll discover how to use the journal to transform the top 3 core beliefs that keep people stuck.


What’s a core belief?

It’s a subconscious program, hidden below your awareness. These programs are like software programs on your computer.

Some are useful and good like knowing how to tie your shoes. Programs are an efficiency of the mind. If you didn’t have them, you’d have to relearn tying your shoes each time you wanted to do it. The problem is that some programs can block your success, such as a fear of rejection or worrying about money.

Isn’t worrying a useful thing to do?

It’s only useful if you pay attention to the underlying message and take action. To continually worry, and ruminate about negative things, actually works against you. When you worry you can get stuck in inaction, AND you’re strengthening beliefs, thoughts, and feelings that can attract more of what you DON’T want.

What is the 30 Day MEMORY IMPRINT JOURNAL challenge?

It’s where you fill in one journal page a day – going for 30 pages within a 6 week period. If you reach the goal of 30 pages you win a fabulous reward at the end!

Each day you use different themes to answer the questions on the journal page. It’s designed to strengthen beliefs, thoughts and feelings that you WANT, and weaken the ones you don’t want. You then start to naturally attract MORE of what you want.

How does the journal shift core beliefs?

The MEMORY IMPRINT JOURNAL helps decrease self judgment, worry and fear by focusing your mind on what’s good, what’s going well, what you’re grateful for. And you fill up your short term memory with good experiences from all times of your life, so that you move forward into the future with more confidence and boldness.

How does it work after I register?

After you register, you’ll get access to a private online membership site with access to the journal, audios, videos and tools to use it in a variety of ways to improve your life.

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