Staff needed communication skills training

A human resources manager wanted to improve communication skills with staff. She wanted to see if she could find someone who would combine communication skills with teambuilding and conflict resolution. This was the second afternoon of a two day face-to-face staff meeting with people from all over the region. It was a tough spot to fill because of needing to cover so many topics at once and being the last program. She wanted people to leave feeling energized, positive and motivated to implement what they learned. In the past, people complained about being overwhelmed and exhausted at the end. She also heard people complain that they were tired of lecture format only and wanted humor and interaction. She heard that Carla was dynamic and able to distill down the most important.

Comments at the end included:

  • Her positive spirit captured the whole audience.
  • This was the best presentation I’ve heard in a long time.
  • Everything was very applicable and important to my work life.
  • It kept our attention the whole time and brought everyone together.
  • We are very excited about going back to work so we can implement all these great ideas.
  • I laughed the whole time–what a treat!
  • I really appreciated the audience participation – it made a big difference for me.
  • I think I could say participating today has made me want to be a better person.