Not Enjoying Your Work Anymore? Tip #3

Tip 3.    Re-structure the work

This idea is more complicated to implement, but can have the most powerful effect. Many times people don’t enjoy a task because they know in their hearts that it’s a waste of resources.

Often re-examining the structure, flow and delegation of the work itself can dramatically alter people’s experience of the job. For example, at a consulting firm each consultant had to fill in a multitude of forms about each client. Often they didn’t fill in the forms correctly or even at all, causing plenty of anguish and chaos all around. Several consultants said that they hated this task the most, that it took up precious time that they could be selling their services or working with a client and wished they could delegate it.

The company took 30 minutes of a staff meeting to focus on re-structuring the work. They decided to hire a database expert to design a system that allowed information on one customer to magically appear on all forms related to that person. This meant much less time spent on inputting the same information over and over again.

Secondly, they gave the task of initially inputting the information to the admin assistant who actually enjoyed filling out forms and was the most accurate. It sounds like an obvious and simple solution, but amazingly even the most sophisticated workplaces are full of redundant tasks that could be re-organized.

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