How to un-trigger yourself

So what does it mean to upgrade your operating system?

Apparently, you can train your brain to stay relaxed, trusting, happy or confident under normally “triggering” events. You simply need to remember times when you’ve done it before and then create a habit or ritual to anchor it. Remember the last time someone else felt triggered and it didn’t bother you at all?

Here’s a simple example. I was driving on a rainy day and my wipers were on. After about 10 minutes in the car my friend in the passenger seat blurted out, “Those wipers are driving me crazy! Can you please turn them off!” I hadn’t even noticed they were squeaking. Squeaking wipers used bother me, but now they don’t. Unconsciously, I somehow trained myself to be “untriggered” by that sound.

What would you like to train yourself to be untriggered by?