How to Inspire Others

1384557929962_positive-mindsetIt’s one thing to be the best version of yourself, but how can you inspire people to be the best version of themselves? This is a noble goal to aspire towards, and it’s not an easy one. How can you do this without seeming self-righteous? How can you move people out of their comfort zones and show a genuine concern for their personal growth? These are indeed important questions that can only be answered in ten simple but inspiring ways.


1.                  Be an example to others. You’ve heard it a thousand times before, but it remains true: only by making yourself an example to others can you gain credibility and be worth emulating.

2.                  Show compassion. When was the last time you told someone you cared about them? Chances are that they wouldn’t even know if you didn’t tell them. Go ahead and let them know, and they’ll have the strength to pick themselves up and do the best they can.

3.                  Encourage others. Like the previous point, show encouragement to people who are going through a rough patch. Your mere show of emotional support is enough to boost their spirits.

4.                  Share your insights. What did you do when you went through the worst times of your life? By sharing your own thoughts and wisdom, other people are bound to pick up on your own inspiring message. Sometimes, the best way to inspire is by sharing your own story of survival, and how you overcame everything.

5.                  Show your vulnerability. You will have a relatively difficult time if you only share your successes; you must also be willing to show your vulnerability and your failures. This is what makes you human, and this is what will push people to be better than what they think are their limitations.

6.                  Communicate your message effectively. You must be able to effectively relay your message to other in order to inspire. You will need to enhance your communication skills in order to drive your point home.

7.                  Pose a challenge. It’s not enough that you share you story. You must also have an action plan. Tell other people what to do next by posing a challenge.

8.                  Be well-read. You must likewise remain informed—which can only happen if you never stop reading on. It’s no coincidence that the best leaders are widely read. So what are you waiting for? Grab a book, and you’ll find yourself inspiring other people.


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