Get over your fears NOW!

1389997966443_getting-over-fearDo you think fear is getting in the way of your personal growth? You’re not the first person to feel that way, as fear is one of the most debilitating emotions that stop people from achieving their full potential. For some people fear can even paralyze them to the point of stopping them from getting out of bed and going through the day. These accounts are by no means overrated. Make no mistake: fear is experienced even by the most successful people. Everyone has had to combat fear in their lives. What matters ultimately is how you can go around these fears, overtake them, and pursue your potential.

Fear is often categorized into three areas: fear of not being enough, fear of disappointing people in your life, and fear of failing. These fears are by no means exclusive. In fact, you may not even be able to distinguish one from the other, and you might fear all three at the same time. What’s important, ultimately, is how you overcome it.

It all begins by recognizing that you’re not alone. Just open your eyes, and you will see that even the most successful people have fears—and yet they get to accomplish great things. What do you get from knowing that other people experience fear? What’s the point of sharing your story to them? It lets you realize that you’re not alone. It gives you the relief you need and the courage necessary to move forward.

Next, don’t hesitate to reach out for support. Don’t allow yourself to get to the point where fear paralyzes you. People around you are willing to offer you their support, reassurance, and love. Reflect upon your relationships. Who do you consider to be your pillar of support? Talk to these people, share your thoughts. But don’t stop there: share ideas about how you can get over your fears and move forward.

Lastly, realize that you’re enough. By and in yourself, you are the best version of yourself. Don’t bother comparing yourself with other people, because you are on your own journey. And by meditating upon this simple fact, you will realize slowly but surely that your fear of being not enough is simply not true. You are here on earth for a purpose, and that in its self means that there’s a reason for your being.  At some point, you will also disappoint people, and you won’t feel good doing it. But if you’re kind and authentic enough, you’ll realize that sometimes, disappointing people is necessary in order to give time for yourself.