Change it Up

Below is Sue Whittemore’s poem to inspire you. She works for the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Change it Up

What transitions, integration, and reorgs are in store?

Also transformations, modifications, adaptations and more.

Is your head spinning with the speed of it all?

Remember the “change” workshops and their call.

Change is the basis of government work

Without change in our jobs – boredom would lurk.

We’d lack the skill to think on our feet

Our knowhow would suffer – we’d be incomplete.

If we were predictable and moved in a straight line

If no bumps or potholes taxed our design,

Every day would be increasingly “fine”

But we would never get to show how we can shine.

So roll up your sleeves, pass ’round the plan,

Down to business and the knowledge that we can

Weather any change that may come our way

Just another chance to showcase that old cliché –

What doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger

But, did anyone mention just how much longer??

Sue Whittemore