Best Ways to Get Yourself Known by Public Speaking

1412281155441_public-speakingIf you are someone who constantly faces a huge number of people and talks to them for motivation or for other reasons, then one of the things you should always keep in mind is being heard. The only way to do that is by getting yourself out there. When people know who you are, they will more intently listen to your message and be moved by your words.

Try to not shy away from opportunities of speaking in public, it’s these gigs that can surely get you up there. However if you’re still trying to find ways to get known, here are a few tips.

  1.                 Always ready yourself.

This is one of the best things you can give back to your clients. To be prepared and ready to face the crowd is admirable considering that there are many speakers who simply “wing it”. Show them that you are responsible and ready to take on anything, assure them that everything is polished and already run through.

  1.                 Start with a bang!

Some people would rather have it that they slowly build up the excitement and wait for the right moment to drop the best part. Try switching things up. Give your most outrageous punchline or a deep and meaningful excerpt. Begin with something that will readily catch the people’s attention. Of course, keep the momentum going until the end of the presentation. Leave no dull moments!

  1.                 Find common ground with your peers.

There may be times that you will have to voice out your opinions regarding certain matters. Know this: no matter how general or common your view is, not everyone agrees to it. Instead of completely siding on one side, find where both parties can be satisfied. You have to always respect others no matter how strongly you feel about a subject.

  1.                 No matter how exhausted you are, don’t shout it out.

You may be tired from hours of travel or little to no sleep. No matter what it is, always remember to NEVER admit it or at least publicly state it. The audience doesn’t need to feel bad for having you on stage and tired. Keep the smile on your face!

  1.                 End it gracefully.

Remember that you started out great, then you should end it the same way. This is a very crucial part since what you are going to leave them with are words that should make a huge impact on them. Give them your best last statements, and make sure it stays with them too!