Why Crafting Stories is Beneficial for Your Business

1412280780962_storytellingIn business presentations, PowerPoint slides usually take center stage with their graphs, charts, figures, and lists of information. Starting entrepreneurs are often too enamoured by the details of the products or services that they are offering, that they tend to forget to capture the attention and interest of their audience. One of the best ways to do this is by telling stories—weaving bits of information into beguiling tales. They invite the audience to journey with you and your company by appealing to their interest and emotions.

Here are some of the reasons why you should incorporate story-telling in your business presentations:

Stories leave a lasting impression.

Instead of simply presenting facts and expecting your audience to immediately care about your product or service, get their attention by creating scenes that would give them a clearer picture of what you are saying. Leading global food and beverage companies such as McDonald’s Corporation and Coca-Cola Company use heart-warming tales to showcase their products. They use highly relatable stories that make their businesses memorable and recognizable.

Stories are easy to re-tell.

Think about how people generally pass information with each other. They do so by swapping stories of experiences and exchanging information based on what they have heard or read. Since they are easy to remember, stories make it easier for the audience to narrate them to their colleagues and partners. Figures of assets, liabilities and incomes will definitely stick to your target viewers if you present them in a series of interconnected events. A good story will not only represent your business well, but it will also do the talking for you.

Stories establish stronger connections.

Through stories, you can unearth your company’s goals, purpose, and vision. Since the audience are given the chance to relate to your business’ passion, they allow networks and relationships to be made. They also serve as an inspiration for your staff to contribute to your company in the best way that they can. Unlike overloaded PowerPoint presentations, stories challenge your viewers’ mind by giving them something concrete and situational to think about.

Story-telling inspires personal relationships. It is far more effective than PowerPoint slides with an overwhelming amount of information. It provides a creative and imaginative experience for your audience—an experience that they would certainly enjoy through your products and services.