Be suspicious of change management experts

You should be suspicious because change is not the issue anymore.

Unless organizations make quantum leaps now, they will be unable to cope with what’s coming.  Check back tomorrow when I will explore the habits we need to cultivate to thrive in the new Economy.

We are now in The Conceptual Age

Traditional Change Management strategies were born in the Information Age. We are now in the Conceptual Age according to Daniel Pink in A Whole New Mind. We need transformational leaders rather than change management scripts. We now need people at all levels of an organization to think in transformational ways rather than only be good at giving or receiving orders.

The difference between Change Management & Transformation

All transformations involve change, but not the other way around

  • The dynamics of the two processes vary drastically
  • Transformations rely on leaders who embody the new paradigm shift
  • Change relies more on people following change management directives

How you can ensure you stay employed

Those with secure jobs in our global economy are no longer high tech, but high touch. They have the ability to make meaning of the overwhelm of information that’s now available. They need to think like an artist and see beyond the horizon to what’s coming and then embody that change. Once embodied they can redesign it in a way that’s usable to others. This is true whether you are selling insurance, providing health care, managing a municipality, doing human resources, running your own business, or dealing with any product or offering any service.