Are you a Social Artist?

artistry-of-change-ho-cover-imageA social artist is one who opens her eyes to problems and realities besetting our society….with the belief that these challenges forge the character of successful leaders.

Social artistry aims to discover and develop new and unconventional solutions to the age-old social challenges that we’re facing. Placed in the top organizations in countries throughout the world, social artistry was created with social transformation in mind. It is built on the noblest principles, such as environmental protection, human rights, sustainable development, equality, social justice, and sovereignty and equality. It’s all about aligning one’s sense of self to a higher purpose.


Thirty years of work throughout the world with leaders in the fields of industry and government, education and health has convinced me that too many of the problems in societies today stem from leadership that is ill prepared to deal with present complexity. This is not just a matter of inadequate training in the realities of global change, but even more tragically, a lack of human resourcefulness, leaders living out of a field of awareness that limits their abilities to deal with their world. Too many leaders have been educated for a different time, a different world. Few are prepared for the task of dealing with the complexity and chaos of today when the usual formulas and stopgap solutions of an earlier era will not help. What is worse is the frequency with which leaders avoid working co-creatively with their constituents, thus continuing models of dependency and social apathy.

Worldwide, societies are crying for assistance in the transformation of their citizens, organizations, and institutions. New ways of looking at leadership are required, as well as new methods of developing human beings eager to serve humanity. In my work, under the auspices with the United nations and other International Agencies, I have worked in many countries bringing the principles of Social Artistry to the training of leadership so as to effect whole system shift.  (keep reading here)

Social artistry is just what we need at a time when leadership has failed most organizations and countries, and social change is precisely what people need. Social artists constantly evolve and have a dynamic viewpoint. With their dedication and fresh perspective, they aim to provide solutions through the human community.

Social artistry is a natural choice at a time when people can either be the problem or the solution to the world’s biggest problems. It’s a profession that’s far reaching as anyone can imagine.

The social artist is an illustration of many qualities, but he is mainly a planetary citizen, a person who understands different cultures and myths and comes up with a universal one, someone who has several models and paradigms of organization in mind, a leader who delights in change and understanding, a healer of societies, and a citizen who focuses on meditation and contemplation.

To be a social artist, one needs to subscribe to a new form of sustainable human development. He is also a listener, because he understands that listening is just as important as speaking.