5 Ways to Improve Your Public Speaking

1412280982374_storytellingOne of the things many people fear most above anything is having to speak in public. While some are actually gifted with this talent of effortlessly presenting themselves in front of a huge crowd, it is not the same case for all. And no matter how hard we deny its importance, it is practically needed in almost every aspect you will need to go through in your life; from school, to work, even to social circles.

The reason behind this? Anxiety that you will fail before you even began. If you can’t find ways to get over your public speaking problem, here are some easy tips that you can follow:

  1.                 Focus on what you’re good at.

There’s really not much you can have as a foundation when you mostly focus on how bad you are at public speaking. Learn the points wherein you’re good at and find ways to incorporate it in almost the whole of it. Build your presentation around your best attributes, and everything will follow!

  1.                 Know your purpose.

The best way to get started with what you are going to say is by identifying your purpose for doing it in the first place. Do you want to simply inform? Or maybe you want to persuade; whatever it is you must always keep this in mind during the whole process. Let this be your guide in not only making but delivering your speech as well.

  1.                 Tone it down; keep it simple.

Many people think that the best way to sway their audience is by putting on a huge show with intricate segues that ultimately seem pointless. What actually sticks to the mind of the people are simple and sophisticated presentations that give a more personal aura. Do not bombard the listeners with too much flashy PowerPoints or flowery words; keep it direct and watch as they give you their full attention.

  1.                 Question others.

A great way to keep the crowd tuned in to what you’re saying is by randomly throwing out questions to make them think. Speaking in continuous statements may give others the vibe that you do not need their reactions and feedback. Speak to them and interact with them; a personal approach (with a hint of professionalism) can go a long way.

  1.                 Practice.

There’s just no other way to succeed in your presentations. As time consuming as this may be, it is something that must be done. Practicing by speaking aloud and standing up gives you the same feeling of talking in public; let it sink in. This will not only give you the chance to improve yourself, but you can also help build your confidence!