The Power of Value-based Business Communication

1409610723502_Value-based-communicationBusiness is strictly focused on digits, progress, and hitting the target. This erroneous belief disputes the fact that business relies heavily on communication in order to establish and maintain connections and relationships. Letting customers or clients know about the values that uphold your company is important to earn their trust and loyalty.

Love in Business Communication

Three speakers were invited to give a talk in a conference about the environment. The first speaker used facts in order to appeal to the interest of the audience. He laid out the improvement on statistics of policy modifications. The audience barely listened to him, and were much more interested in getting another cup of coffee. The second speaker used a very aggressive approach. He condemned insidious political figures and apathetic corporations by raising his voice and his fist in the air. Some of the audience who listened to him were not at all pleased by what he was saying. The last speaker, a female doctor, encouraged the audience to help in protecting the environment not because they are obliged to but because they love our planet. She did not demand instead, she asked everyone to do his/her part because he/she cares. After her talk, some of people were even crying while others were stunned to silence.

In the book, Time management for unmanageable people by Ann McGee Cooper, the importance of love in working environments is emphasized. Lack of love which nurtures dissatisfaction and dissent among people is common in the workplace. In order to be “free to live and lead within the structures that surround you,” you need love.

Value your values

People generally visit the About Page of websites. They are often interested in knowing what you do and what you offer. Most companies do not include their values, mission, and vision in this section. They tend to undermine the significance of letting their customers know WHY they do what they do. They tend to forget to let the people know and understand their purpose.

Facts seldom establish relationships. In communication, it’s not enough to simply state the fundamentals. An understanding must be reached. To do this, both parties need to know more about each other on a deeper and more substantial way. Encouraging loyalty and inspiring trust are two of the goals of communication. Business is not merely about systems and operations; it’s all about people- connections, relationships and communication. To be effective in what you do, master your values and flaunt them.