Communicate with Authenticity

1394732526015_be-authenticIf there’s one important quality even self-proclaimed communication experts lack, that would be authenticity. Most people would mince and sugar coat their words, all for the sake of hiding what they truly feel. At the end of the day, what truly matters is that you are able to communicate what you truly feel. Practice the habit of speaking your mind, and voicing your needs, desires, and fears. You will find that doing so will make you a better person.

1.    Pay attention to your intuition.

While the mind is the seat of reflection, analysis, and understanding, it is not nearly enough when identifying a solution to a problem. You must also use your heart—how your intuition tells you to act in a particular situation. Be careful not to use your mind too much, as this can easily lead to overanalysing and being too controlling.

2.    Don’t get carried away by your emotions.

Speaking from the heart doesn’t mean that you can afford irrational and overly emotional outbursts. When speaking from your heart, it is necessary that you have an understanding of your emotional experience. There’s a word for this: manas, a Sanskrit word for the mind and the heart working in perfect unison.

3.    Open the channels for true and honest communication.

How many times have you wanted to say something, but had to withhold your thoughts? This is what happens when you mince your words more often than you can count: you end up feeling stuck and blocked, and you constantly have to filter your emotions. If you practice speaking from the heart, you become a more open and honest person.

4.    Allow yourself to be happy.

Speaking from the heart also means giving yourself a real chance to be happy. You get to rest at night, feeling free and unrestricted. You free yourself of the feeling that you’re lying to someone or that you’re not being true to yourself. Nothing compares to the internal rewards that truth and honesty bring—so by all means,

5.    Love yourself more to speak from your heart.

Speaking from the heart is not nearly as easy as you think. You will ultimately realize that what’s stopping you is your own insecurities. The reason why you can’t speak from your heart is because you do not love and take care of yourself a bit more. Believe that you are worthy, and love yourself a bit more—that’s when you will be more capable of truly communicating with sincerity.