5 Types of Presentations that Build Your Business Quickly


presentation-97057Create one core message about your business and have it in at least 5 different formats. On one end of the spectrum that message is highly distilled and on the other more expanded. For example, you know when people say “so what do you do?” That’s when you need a 30 second presentation to help you as a person be memorable to people.

Secondly you need a 2-5 minute presentation that helps people “get” what you do. Then a 20-30 minute presentation should invite people to get a “taste test” of what you offer. Finally, a more in depth presentation of 60-180 minutes will give you an opportunity to really provide value and build trust which leads to more business. The shorter presentations should all be designed to get people to the longer presentations.

And the more presentations you give the more your business will grow exponentially. In terms of formats you can present live or online (text, video or audio). You can talk to 1 person, a small group or a large group. Generally, the bigger the group and the longer the presentation, the more quickly you’ll grow your business. Online usually means a bigger audience than a live event over time.

For example, having your presentation on YouTube in 1 minute, 3 minute, 20 minute and 60 minute formats will lead to far more business than only talking for 30 seconds at a networking event to three people. That may seem obvious but many people still use inefficient means to grow their business and then wonder why they aren’t getting successful very quickly.


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