Carla specializes in opening or closing keynote speeches that energize, entertain and leave people inspired.

Why Book Carla to Speak?

“For 20 years, Carla has been speaking all over the world. Her uplifting, interactive presentations to over 1500 groups, have captured hearts and minds. Help your attendees be more effective agents of positive change  – how to communicate, influence, motivate and mentor people to be their best.

With a background in both organizational change and theatrical arts, she uses proven secrets from the world of artistry to show how to effect positive change (within yourself and with those you serve).  

Discover how to transform resistance, open people’s minds to new ideas, and inspire them to action.

Client's Testimonials


We have heard only excellent feedback on your presentation, and everyone wants you back for next year’s conference!

Canadian Institute of Financial Planning


Our conference evaluations, and all the verbal feedback we heard, confirmed Carla’s popularity as our keynote speaker. The vast majority of responses rated the presentation as excellent. 

Soroptomist International Conference?


We loved all the humor, inspiration and passion – it was such an important message about how to change our mindsets when it comes to change.

Hr Mgmt. Association of Manitoba?

KEYNOTE SPEAKING TOPICS: Carla specializes in entertaining opening or closing keynotes. Participants leave feeling positive, inspired, energized, connected to others, and with practical tools to implement into their daily lives.

the artistry of change

The Top 3 Habits of Highly Resilient People

Best Audience: Associations, Leadership Events, Staff Training, Marketing, Entrepreneurs

“Everyone is born an artist. The trick is to re-capture that innate ability as an adult and put it into all aspects of life.” – Pablo Piccaso

What happens on your team when challenge hits? Do some people get reactive and waste time focusing on the problem instead of working on the solution? If so, then this presentation is for you.

The #1 skill you need to be indispensable at work now is—the ability to unlearn and relearn again. As the world changes at faster rates, people desperately need practical tools to shift their mindset (and inspire others to do the same) to be appropriate to the situation.

After 11 years of research we have identified the top 3 mindset practices of people who tend to stay innovative, solutions-oriented, adaptive, centered, healthy, communicative and proactive in the face of constant change.

We call these people “Change Artists”. The skills of a Change Artist don’t actually need to be learned. They are innate skills that you just need to remember to access. These practices require hardly any extra time during your day, and simply train your brain to stay in as high a performance state as possible, no matter what is going on around you.

During this engaging and practical program your group will discover how to:

  • understand different personality styles when it comes to handling change
  • shift a reactive mindset to a problem solving mindset.
  • turn complaints, resistance and setbacks into tools for positive change
  • create the structures that inspire a culture of innovation

The Artistry of Change® is a powerful framework that blends diverse fields such as educational kinesiology, western and eastern psychology, change management theory, creative process models, and neuroscience. Witness how these fields are merging in exciting ways to produce the new ‘organizational artistry’.

the power of laughter

Managing Change with a Sense of Humor

Best Audience: Associations, Staff Appreciation Event, Client Appreciation Event, Entrepreneur Conference

Employers hire light-hearted people 50% more often than those who are more serious. Sales people and entrepreneurs with a playful style of communication tend to far outperform those who don't.

In addition, lightening up your life can help you:

  1. be more productive on the job
  2. deal more effectively with conflict
  3. build rapport more easily with new people
  4. see new insights to old problems
  5. be more relaxed and confident
  6. be more popular
  7. enjoy life more fully

All people, no matter what background or personality, can become more light-hearted. During this engaging and creative session, we’ll explore:

  • Correlations between laughter and health
  • How to marry work and play to enhance productivity
  • Safe types of humor to use at work
  • 6 mistakes to avoid
  • Reclaiming your right to enjoy life no matter what

Experience the joy of laughing together, a celebration of people and life.

Presentation Prosperity

How to Create Presentations that Attract More Business and Inspire Positive Change

Best Audience: Associations, Sales Training, Network Marketing, Entrepreneurs 

  • Do people seem uninterested or resistant to your message?
  • Do you need better clarity on what to say during presentations?
  • Are you struggling with how to communicate the value of your offerings to others?

…then this program might just be for you. Win people over to your message with this step-by-step process.

Discover top tips for crafting and delivering presentations that build the value of your message to the specific people you are talking to. Discover how to:

  • build better rapport with your listeners
  • feel and act more confident
  • build more relevance for those you are there to serve
  • attract the results you need – more income, more credibility, more impact, more buy in


A 5 Step Process for Getting a Mental Breakthrough

?Best Audience: Sales training, Associations, Entrepreneur Conference


This life-changing presentation will help you transform limiting STORIES that keep you stuck. You'll discover a quick 5 step process you can use over and over again, to re-write those stories so you can have the life you REALLY want...

80% of the reason a person fails is because of inner self sabotage that's often below their awareness. It's very common for even HIGHLY successful people to:

•lose faith in themselves and their direction
•get thrown off by challenging people
•feel defeated by rejection
•get confused about how to make decisions
•avoid taking important actions
Discover the 5-step TriUnity process that has been honed for over 8 years with over 1000 people around the world. It will transform:

•confusion into clarity
•self doubt into confidence
•fear into courage
•procrastination into action

You can use this downloadable process over and over again to break you free whenever your mind is getting in the way of your success.

TRAINING AND BREAK OUT SESSIONS: Carla is an expert in experiential learning. That’s why people stay so engaged during her sessions. Participants leave with specific, actionable habits that stick.

  • The Art of Communication
  • Team Play
  • Storytelling in Business
  • Overwhelmed By Your To Do List? 3 Tips To Breaking Free
  • Speaking On The Funny Side Of The Brain

  • City of Abbotsford

    This was the best in-service day program we’ve ever had here and I’ve been here for over 20 years!
  • Vancouver Coastal Health

    In this climate of uncertainty, Carla’s program was a breath of fresh air—full of positive, entertaining and creative solutions to manage change.
  • Canadian Tourism College

    Your work has been powerful in profound and unexpected ways.


How to Turn Differences into Win-Win Solutions

Best Audience: Associations, Leadership Training, Staff Training, Marketing, Entrepreneurs

Conflict is an element like fire: too much causes damages; too little and no transformation can occur.

Costly communication breakdowns often happen between people because of simple-to-solve issues. If not dealt with you can lose productivity, income, well being, customers and employee engagement.

Diversity of opinions between people can lead to decisions that are wiser and more sustainable. This program covers the top habits of those who turn differences into solutions. During this engaging and interactive presentation you will discover how to:

  • practice 3 habits that prevent communication breakdowns
  • communicate your needs without causing defensiveness
  • switch from an unhealthy tension to a healthy discussion
  • have touchy conversations that lead to positive outcomes
  • win back trust and create goodwill where it was lost

Experience the joy of making open communication a part of your daily work life.


3 Tools for Breaking Free

Best Audience: Staff Appreciation Event, Staff training, Team Leadership event

The group that plays together – stays together.

An organization or company cannot move forward unless a core group of people act together on a shared vision. 

Creating a culture of workplace enjoyment establishes:

  • a web of goodwill
  • motivation to serve and be loyal
  • higher and more positive energy
  • a solutions-oriented mindset when facing problems

Conversely, teams that operate from a foundation of scarcity, distrust, apathy, and reactivity end up having to deal with a host of unnecessary problems: absenteeism, high turnover, office politics, and costly communication breakdowns.

During this engaging and interaction program attendees will:

  • celebrate big and small accomplishments
  • discover structures that bring out the best in people
  • build their “team esteem”

Experience the power of creating a thriving team culture.


Best Audience: Associations, Leadership Events, Staff Training, Sales training, Network Marketing, Entrepreneurs

  • Are your listeners not as engaged as you’d like them to be?
  • Are you finding it hard to convey a complex message briefly?
  • Do you love stories but aren’t sure how to craft them?

…then this program might just be for you. People who can craft their message in story form are indispensable communicators whether it’s a formal presentation, education session, running a meeting or one-on-one.

Most presenters need more stories, but either can’t think of any to tell, don’t know how to craft them effectively or lack the skills to delivery them well. During this engaging session you will discover:

  • a template for creating powerful stories
  • the do’s and don’ts of using stories
  • how to delivery stories with greater impact


A Quick 7 Step Process for Breaking Free

Best Audience: Conference Breakout Session, Staff Training, Leadership Summit, Entrepreneur Event

Rushing around overwhelmed and impatient is now epidemic. This state of mind has become normalized in our society. Yet, it doesn't have to be that way.

The costs to you, your work, your organization, family and society are huge such as:

  • Foggy thinking leading to less productivity
  • Health issues
  • Relationship breakdowns
  • Financial problems
  • Lowered happiness and quality of life

Mindset is 80% of your success in project management. Most top athletes, musicians and business people hire mindset coaches to help them survive and thrive given the immense pressure of their role.

Project managers are under just as much pressure at times, and need these tools too.

Strategies will get you through for the short term, but for lasting results you need good practices of mind that work at both the conscious and subconscious levels for lasting results.

Benefits to attending this session:

  • Lower your stress even under intense deadlines
  • Get more done in less time with less suffering
  • Help yourself and others be less reactive and more solutions-oriented under pressure

Experience the relief of being calm, cool and collected under pressure.


Best Audience: Sales Training, Leadership Event, Speaker or Training Program, Teacher's Conference, Entrepreneurs

“Blessed are those who can make people laugh, for they shall never be without an audience.”

Here is a unique approach to unlocking your comic genius. If you want to stand out from your competition as a business communicator, you need to make people smile from time to time. Contrary to popular belief, being a more light-hearted presenter is a skill that CAN be taught. Discover how to tap into the funny side of your brain to:

  • build rapport with your listeners
  • open people’s minds to new ideas
  • turn dry concepts into engaging stories
  • make your message more memorable

Go to the next level with one-on-one coaching

Carla Rieger helps leaders and speakers communicate in a way that dissolves resistance and open people’s minds to ideas, products and services. Whether you are a team leader, a business owner or sales person, HOW you communication is 80% of your success. Get the help you need to break free to the next level potential. Carla has short and long term coaching programs, group or individual, depending on your needs and the needs of your team.

Read more about all of Carla’s “Delighted Clients” including speaking, training and coaching testimonials.

About Carla Rieger

Carla Rieger is also a coach and consultant in the area of executive performance enhancement. She specializes in helping you lead and manage change more effectively. You learn how to create buy in and engagement in those you serve, AND how to increase productivity and the bottom line. What makes Carla different is that she also gives you tools for a lifetime to enhance your mindset. All the strategies in the world won't help if you have limiting beliefs that are blocking you. Often these blocks are below your conscious awareness. Therefore, at the strategic level you work on leadership, communication and presentation skills. At the intuitive level, you work on confidence, belief and manifestation that you build your capacity exponentially.