Unlocking the Secrets of Inner Spirituality for Personal Growth

Written by Carla Rieger on . Posted in Personal Growth

It’s within all of us: that inner spirituality that attracts other people towards us and makes us a lot more charismatic. It’s this same inner spirituality that radiates from within and releases a positive energy that will dispel all negativity within your surroundings. It goes without saying that it’s a key element to personal growth. But how do you get to that point? What, exactly, will help you tap into this mysterious inner spirituality?

1. Meditate daily.

It doesn’t have to take long. In fact, all you need is a few minutes to clear all distractions, relax yourself, and dive deep inside your mind. Not only will this make your mind clearer, it will allow you to be more analytical and relaxed about stressful situations.

2. Motivate yourself.

Whenever you’re doing something, always remember your motivation for doing it. Make your goals as simple as possible; only then can you easily go back to it and get an answer whenever you start questioning yourself. This necessarily means that your intentions and motivation must root from positivity and not from a negative agenda.

3. Don’t think about poverty.

The more you worry about getting poor—how much money you have to save on electricity, how much you should limit your spending, and how to make your finances work—the more you will attract poverty and allow anxiety to take over your life. It’s a strange and paralyzing thing, and it will do nothing to ease the negativity from deep within.

4. Visualize and project.

Sometimes your dreams and projections are way too abstract; this is when you should let mental visualization take its course: what is the outcome that you imagine? Let these mental images take form in your mind, and they’ll surely correspond to reality!

5. Encourage happy dreams.

Before this, you might not even realize that this was at all possible! Try placing “kusha grass” under your pillow. Stimulate and encourage your subconscious to retain positive dreams—and you’ll see that this will lead to just as happy and positive outcomes. It’s all a matter of dreams taking form in reality.

6. Mentally achieve your goal.

It’s true: the more you focus on achieving your goal, the more likely you are to get to that point. It’s a mental exercise along the lines of positive conditioning, and it works 99% of the time. Whenever you feel like you won’t make it, simply think of the end in mind!

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