The “WHAT IFs” Worksheet – How to Do a Mental Reset in 5 Minutes

Have you ever caught yourself worrying about the future? You might hear yourself thinking in the form of a question like this:

* What if I don’t get this job done on time?
* What if I run out of money this month?

Neuroscientists confirm that we will default to the negative far more often than to the positive.
This unfortunately makes people loop on bad thoughts that cause many aspects of life to suffer.

Here’s a trick to refocus your mind in a constructive direction so that you transform the situation much more quickly. Your creative mind wants to chew on something, and it will default to the negative if you don’t have a habit for turning it around. For example, have you ever tried to get yourself to stop worrying and then you just start right back up again a few moments later?

Its like you dog chewing on your best shoe. If you want the dog to let it go, you have to give her something else to focus on instead. You give her a ball to play with. But if you try to get the slipper away from your dog, she will fight you for it. It’s the same with your creative mind. Give it another toy by asking a positive version of the same question.

For example:

* What if I DO get to work on time?
* What if I have more than enough money this month?

What are the benefits of doing this?

* you start to feel more at ease
* you enjoy life more
* you are more likely to see opportunities to create these outcomes

Download and print out this What if Worksheet and try it for yourself. Notice the difference before and after.


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