The KEY to Reaching Your Dreams

1394416449770_reaching-your-dreamsWhen you started the year, you were probably beset with excitement and vigor, eager to accomplish your goals for the year. Starting the year with enthusiasm is one thing, but maintaining your momentum all throughout the year is an altogether different matter. Most people backtrack and regress because of one culprit: their failure to set clear goals. You can only optimize your personal growth if you are absolutely clear and precise on what you want.

1.      Plot your goals.
Before anything else, you must clearly identify your goals, and the best way to do this is by concretely listing them one by one. Write down the goals you envision for yourself, no matter how farfetched they may be, in the following areas: finance, career, health, relationship, personal growth, societal impact, and free time. Write as many goals as you want, as there’s no need to limit yourself.

2.      Go out of your comfort zone.
To get to your goals, you will have to stretch yourself and overcome obstacles that you didn’t think you could. In the process, you will have to learn a new skill, and go out of your comfort zone. It’s all frightening, but they will ultimately push you to become the best that you can be in pursuing your dreams. Ultimately, what matters is not the achievement itself, but the process by which you got there.

3.      Transform your dreams into objectives.
As it stands, your dreams may sound unreachable and immeasurable. It’s time to concretize them by grounding your lofty ideals into a concrete and measurable plan of action. After determining what your goals are, it’s time to start identifying the steps to get from one point to another.

4.      Personify the law of attraction.
Now that you are determined to really go after your dream, your every action should point towards that goal. With every step you take, ask yourself: “How will this affect my plan to work towards my goal?” Eventually, you’ll notice opportunities and resources coming to you naturally.

5.      Start your day with your goals in mind.
Before you start your day, think about how you will reach your goals. Read your list of goals for the day. It will be hard to reach, but by keeping your goals in mind, you will start acting towards the achievement of your goals. It will not happen overnight, but you will surely work your way up.