The Four Types of People You Meet

1398197283922_happy-and-sadWhy don’t you get along with people as well as you would want? Do you find yourself becoming increasingly unhappy, wondering if the fault lies with you and not with other people? Perhaps it’s time to reflect on the way you deal with people. You have to be flexible and adapt based on the type of person you’re dealing with. After all, personal growth is also about having fruitful and productive conversations with people you deal with on an everyday basis.

One of the most effective ways in dealing with people is to identify them in one of the four general types of personalities. While people are dynamic and would unsurprisingly fall under more than one category, they would surely have one dominant personality type that will determine the best way to deal with them.

1.      The Genuinely Happy Type

Along the way, you’ll encounter people who are genuinely happy and fulfilled with their lives. How can they not be, when they have practically everything they want in their lives—the financial success, the contentment, the lifestyle many people only dream of.

Many people would resent the genuinely happy person. Make no mistake; resentment can’t be hidden and will soon rear its ugly head. Practice feeling genuinely happy for them—watch your jealousy before it goes out of hand.

2.      The Distraught Type

Sometimes we stumble on a person in pain. These are people who’ve experienced suffering, maybe by the loss of a loved one or a failure that’s simply too hard to bear. Do your best to cultivate compassion, although learn to draw your boundaries. Showing compassion will do a huge favour to these people who are at a trying point in their lives.

3.      The Legitimately Good Type

Yes, there are people who simply want to make a difference and do good in other people’s lives. These are people who go out of their way to fix what’s wrong with the world. Whenever you encounter people like them, don’t you ask yourself, “Wow, how can I be as good as this person?” The golden rule when dealing with people like this is gratitude. Be grateful for who they are, and pay it forward; the legitimately good type would want you to.

4.      The Crappy Type

Wherever you go, these people are bound to follow and do harm to you. They will torture you, make you feel miserable, and give you the most difficult time. When this happens, put your chin up, tell yourself to be the better person, and deal with them with dignity. They will leave eventually, but what’s most important is that you have your pride and self-worth intact.