Platinum Individual Coaching Program

An Incubator to Launch to the Next Level of Success as an Expert in Your Field


This is for people who want hands on, customized apprenticeship over time to break through to the next level.

Most successful experts, speakers and educators seek out this kind of private coaching because it’s too easy to stay stuck or get off track without the structure, support and accountability.

Do you need accountability, structure and troubleshooting to help you move forward?

This program is for:

  1. Experts: authors, coaches, consultants, workshop leaders, online presenters, practitioners and facilitators
  2. Independents: direct sellers, network marketers, commission-based sales people
  3. Business owners: who want to give presentations (live and online) to grow their income
  4. Leaders/Managers: who must give presentations as part of their job

This program includes both intuitive and strategic consulting so you get the:

  1. inner game support to realize your highest potential
  2. outer game support in marketing, crafting and delivering powerful presentations

We can focus on such areas as:

  1. Clarity  so that you have the right topic for the right person at the right time
  2. Turning your speech into a cash machine that attracts ideal clients regularly for years
  3. Refining your existing materials so that's it highly professional
  4. Bringing out your best delivery possible so that you feel proud of yourself and on fire
  5. Ensuring your speech is memorable and highly engaging
  6. Selling yourself and your offerings  in a way that opens minds and pocket books
  7. A confidential advisor to help you past sticking points; a coach in your corner
  8. The structure, accountability and inspiration to finally get important goals achieved


Please email with questions or sign up for a complimentary strategy session:



Application Process

Not all programs are right for everyone. We want to ensure there is a good fit, that you are spending your time and money wisely and that this is a win-win experience for everyone involved.   GET STARTED NOW


Mary Lou MacDonald

I will be forever grateful to Carla for this process as it changed my life for the better in both expected and unexpected ways.

Mary Lou MacDonald Workplace Wellness Consultant & Speaker
Alison T Smith

Carla really cares about helping you to become the best speaker you can be and I am so pleased that I invested in her program and myself!

Alison T Smith Author, Speaker, Network Marketer & Expert on The Energy Booster System
Patti Gilbertson

This coaching program made a huge difference to helping me not only achieve career goals but higher satisfaction in many other areas of life as well.

Patti Gilbertson Health Care Manager
Vesanto Melina

Working with an expert like Carla took my speech, and my strategy for success, to a whole other level of excellence.  

Vesanto Melina Multiple Bestselling Author & Expert on Plant Based Nutrition
Robert Janak

Even though I’d trained in acting I found the process of crafting and delivering a business presentation 10x easier working off a great coach like Carla.  

Robert Janak Melaleuca Associate
Alana Reichert

This was exactly the process I needed to step up as a leader in my company.

Alana Reichert Business Associate - Nerium


During this program of accelerated achievement, you get:

  1. needs assessment and learning style assessment (before and after)
  2. a strategic plan and accountability to get ready for up to 4 upcoming speaking engagements
  3. topic and audience clarity for 1 topic area
  4. done-with-you help to get booked for speaking engagements
  5. 10 videoconferencing sessions (60 minutes)
  6. market research to find your winning strategy in the speaking industry
  7. connect you to appropriate people and resources to fast track your progress
  8. 6 customized audios to accelerate your vision, performance, self image and learning
  9. Access to four online courses on speech crafting, speaker marketing, storytelling and confidence building



Since each person is unique, and at a different stage of development, you can choose 6 extra focuses from these areas below which you'd most like help with:

  1. extra market and audience research for a 2nd topic
  2. selling from the stage - scripting and delivery
  3. helping you create a new presentation from scratch -scripting
  4. helping you upgrade an existing presentation and slides and deliver it with power, poise and purpose
  5. feedback on your speaker marketing materials to magnetize ideal event planners
  6. helping you create a speaker sizzle reel (promotional video)
  7. feedback and role play on your event planner pitches
  8. producing for you a video interview to send to event planners in place of live footage



Jana Stanfield

Even though I’ve been a speaker for over 20 years, I found Carla and her coaching program invaluable in breaking me through to the next level of where I wanted to go.

Jana Stanfield Keynote Concert Speaker
Ron Coleman

Carla helped me craft a new keynote presentation that got me far more bookings. My level of confidence and skill on the platform improved dramatically.

Ron Coleman Speaker, Trainer and Consultant
Catherine Rocheleau

This broke me through to a whole other level so that now I have a much better clarity on my niche, much better mindset habits, and am speaking at so many more events.

Catherine Rocheleau Speaker, Trainer and Consultant
Angela Thurston

Carla provided magnificent guidance for me to journey within myself so that my authentic voice could come forward and succeed in a way I hadn’t before.

Angela Thurston Speaker, Coach and Author
Sue Ferreira

I got the kind of vetting, structure, techniques and guidance I needed to give the kind of presentations I feel proud of, so that I can build my business even more.

Sue Ferreira Speaker, Trainer, Coach and Author
Kevin Hicks

Carla helped me get over a fear of public speaking and now I have no problem getting up there and speaking about my business. 

Kevin Hicks Business Owner
Linda Nicholls

I felt very shifted at a core level in how I saw myself as speaker; and it’s opened all kinds of possibilities for me. 

Linda Nicholls Midwife for the Soul - Facilitator and Speaker