Carla offers both individual as well group coaching programs. Just email us at Carla [at] ArtistryofChange [dot] com to set up a free consultation.

The Change Artist System ™

The Presentation Prosperity System ™

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The Change Artist System ™

Have you ever set a goal but could not achieve it? 

Have you ever achieved your goal but then snapped back to the old pattern?

Welcome to a common human condition. Good intentions won’t work if you have limiting sub conscious beliefs. The Change Artist System ™ can help you get the results you’ve been looking for by:

  • helping you identify and dissolve limiting beliefs
  • teaching you to create and maintain habits that attract the life you want


  • People in high stress working environments
  • Leaders in organizations and companies
  • Business owners

We offer group and individual coaching, along with online learning programs.

Please contact Carla [at] ArtistryofChange [dot] com or click on “Let’s Talk” set up a free intro call.

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The Presentation Prosperity System ™

Speaking to groups can attract much more income, credibility and life satisfaction

Yet trying to get that happening all by yourself is a daunting task

This is for:

  • Career Changers
  • Experts
  • Leaders in Organizations and Companies
  • Business Owners

This is a proven system that takes you step-by-step to get clarity on your direction, clear away limiting beliefs, create your infrastructure and marketing, write a powerful presentation, and learn how to deliver it in a dynamic, captivating way.

It is a combination of group coaching, individual coaching and step-by-step content delivered to you online in engaging ways with the accountability to get it done. You can live anywhere in the world with internet.


Click here for more information.

Or email Carla [at] ArtistryofChange [dot] com

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Inner Circle Coaching

This is an intensive 6 month process with Carla and guest experts to really take you to the next level as a speaker and an artist of change in your world, so that you:

  • attract MUCH more income
  • have a more FULFILLING lifestyle
  • make a BIGGER difference in the world

This program will take you start-to-finish so you get to the next level of your career as an expert in your field. You receive a completely customized process, whereby Carla and her guest experts guide you, and allow you to embody and practice important skills as we work together, ending in a showcase of your presentation.

You receive:

  • a needs assessments and personality testing
  • step by step processes and learning modules
  • incentives along the way for completion
  • personalized feedback
  • a live showcase opportunity to get in front of decision-makers
  • video footage for promoting yourself
  • hands on experience with the marketing of your own expert business

This is by application only. Very limited spots. Intake only happens once a year.

Click here for more details.  Or e-mail Carla [at] ArtistryofChange [dot] com to start your application process.

The next program starts September 2014

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VIP Days

Do you have a goal you need to accomplish quickly? Or a high pressure situation you need help with? For example, an upcoming speaking engagement, an interview, a negotiation to prepare for, a crisis to resolve, a boost to your income? Maybe you need focused help to clarify your vision, mission, purpose and goals or a strategic plan? Experience a private day of Carla’s expertise where you get to take action ASAP. You get immediate, personalized attention for fast track results. Available live in downtown Vancouver or virtually.   E-mail Carla [at] ArtistryofChange [dot] com to start your application process.

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Application Process

The Inner Circle Mentoring is not for everyone. We want to ensure there is a good fit, that you are spending your time and money wisely and that this is a win-win experience for everyone involved. Just contact us to set up an appointment or to ask more questions.

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About Carla

Carla-Rieger-ProfileCarla is trained by the School of Coaching and Leadership International and by the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. She has been a professional speaker since the late 1980’s and is a trained professional actor and scriptwriter. Her core belief repatterning processes are a synthesis of classic and leading-edge technologies such as Psycho Cybernetics, neurolinguistic programming, self hypnosis, autogenic training, binaural beats, Educational Kinesiology, CLI Training, The Sedona Method, Educo, neuroscience, and art therapy among others. Over the past decade she has coaching hundreds of individuals create a career path that is both meaningful and sustainable.

Learn more about Carla Rieger.

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Coaching Testimonials

Please go to the Delighted Clients page to read about just a few of our success stories. Also check out this video below:

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