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Does being creative make you a happier person?

Neil Slade’s brilliant book “Frontal Lobes Supercharge Book” will change your life for the better….forever. Neil says that working out your brain creatively makes you a happier person. This idea is no longer just a theory, it is a proven hypothesis in neurology. Neil adds that it helps to know how your brain works, like […]

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Why is Fun at Work So Important?

Here are the Top 6 Reasons I hear about why people believe that their work environment could never be fun or engaging: 1. Our work is very serious 2. There are too many overly serious people who work here 3. The management won’t allow us to have fun 4. We have too much work to […]

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1 Spaciousness allows you to “Think Different”

Here is a TV commercial for Apple Computers from the 1990’s called “Think Different”. The concept bears revisiting because many people now need to recapture the artist within to reinvent their personal life, their work life or their organization. The one-minute commercial features black and white video footage of significant historical Change Artists of the […]

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Change it Up

Below is Sue Whittemore’s poem to inspire you. She works for the BC Ministry of Children and Family Development. Change it Up What transitions, integration, and reorgs are in store? Also transformations, modifications, adaptations and more. Is your head spinning with the speed of it all? Remember the “change” workshops and their call. Change is […]

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Enter Our Workplace Creativity Contest!

Enter our Workplace Creativity Contest and get a chance to win one free spot in my 4 day retreat at Hollyhock. Also, books, CD’s and other great prizes. Email us a poem, short story, art work, or photo of the creative environment in which you work. Or tell us about décor your workplace created, or […]

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