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Overwhelmed by Your To Do List? 3 Tips for Breaking Free

  Have you ever ironically rushed to do something that’s supposed to be relaxing–such as a spa appointment, vacation or to get to sleep? For many people this happens regularly. What if I just rushed faster? The trap of rushing faster usually creates more problems. I used think that if I just worked longer hours […]

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Creative Problem Solving at Work–5 Simple Steps

“Creativity now is as important as literacy, and we should treat it with the same status.” – Sir Ken Robinson, creativity and innovation expert Problems can be the seed of your creative reinvention You may be feeling stuck about a technical issue, or how to persuade a decision-maker to accept your idea, or trying to […]

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3 Myths about Why People Can’t Change

After years of coaching, surveying thousands of people on change, and studying the art of personal achievement, here are the top 3 reasons I’ve heard about why people can’t change. #1 – Not enough of something (e.g. money, time, support) #2 – Lack of clarity (e.g. around goal, or direction, or how to do it) […]

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6 Tools for Training Your Brain to be a Better Change Leader

Balancing your brain can improve your entire life According to the latest findings in neuroscience, if you balance your brain it can make you better on the job and in your personal life. The trouble is that more people than previously thought have a brain imbalance. In fact, an imbalanced brain is almost the norm […]

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The Top 5 Signs it’s Time to Reinvent Yourself

It isn’t always obvious when you need to make a change. Life doesn’t always come with a calendar alert telling you what to change and when. There is a spectrum of human behaviour when it comes to change and reinvention. On one end of the spectrum you find people who hate it and become tense […]

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