[SUNDAY] Communicating with Stories Webinar

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with Carla Rieger  – 2 times to choose from   – To register CLICK HERE Do you want to add more stories and examples to your communication and presentations?  It could be for one-on-one presentations, to small groups or large groups. If so, this free webinar will show you how a step-by-step system for doing that. Stories and […]

Can You Tell a Great Story? Take the Quiz

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As Daniel Pink, says “Storytellers rule the future”. If you are a manager, supervisor, salesperson, business owner or influencer of any kind, it can make all the difference. Why? Because stories: • persuade people much better than concepts according to Harvard Business Review • build empathy for your point of view according to the The Journal of […]

Afraid of being a boring presenter? Here’s the #1 tip to avoid it

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Have you noticed that many business presenters just drone on about concepts? Concepts and facts only appeal to the left brain where our short term memory is. For example “Our product is 100% natural and organic.” BUT….stories, examples and metaphors appeal to the right brain where the long term memory is. So, people remember what you say when using these […]

Why Crafting Stories is Beneficial for Your Business

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In business presentations, PowerPoint slides usually take center stage with their graphs, charts, figures, and lists of information. Starting entrepreneurs are often too enamoured by the details of the products or services that they are offering, that they tend to forget to capture the attention and interest of their audience. One of the best ways […]

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