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Need more engagement when you speak about your business?

Are you trying to open people’s minds to change? Are you telling them WHY you want them to change? Many people seem to forget this small but vastly important step.  I love reporting on Change Artists to pay attention to, such as Jane McGonigal. She is the author of the New York Times bestseller, Reality Is Broken: […]

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The 5 Best Ways to Deal with January Stress

Often transitioning into work mode again in early January is hard . You may feel bombarded with a backlog of due dates and project deadlines. It’s that tricky switch from the “holiday” mindset to the “work” mindset. It’s a common issue many of us face, YET a lot easier to navigate than you might think. Here are the 5 top tips for moving back into […]

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Why teach the creative mindset in organizations and schools?

Check out Carla Rieger’s talk at the TEDxUBC event–on what it would take to reinvent the education system for more creativity—in our schools and organizations. Most people don’t have the creative mindset to be as useful as they could be in the face of a constantly changing world–because so many people were taught rote learning, […]

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Why is Fun at Work So Important?

Here are the Top 6 Reasons I hear about why people believe that their work environment could never be fun or engaging: 1. Our work is very serious 2. There are too many overly serious people who work here 3. The management won’t allow us to have fun 4. We have too much work to […]

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