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YouPreneurs Need to be Good a Public Speaking

Small businesses who can’t afford to spend a lot on mainstream advertising often have to rely on other means. One HUGELY effective resource is public speaking. If you’re a “Youpreneur”, meaning you are self-employed, maybe running a home based business, you might want to include public speaking as an integral component of your company’s marketing […]

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The 5 Laws of Manifestation

Many people have programs in their unconscious that can negatively affect their relationships with money, health, career, people, and life satisfaction. Those programs can ruin your life unless you learn how to reprogram your unconscious. You have actually reprogrammed yourself many times. Think right now of a bad habit you used to have that no […]

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The Top 5 Signs it’s Time to Reinvent Yourself

It isn’t always obvious when you need to make a change. Life doesn’t always come with a calendar alert telling you what to change and when. There is a spectrum of human behaviour when it comes to change and reinvention. On one end of the spectrum you find people who hate it and become tense […]

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